Rochon Corporation provides a full spectrum of preconstruction services—as you would expect from one of Minnesota’s leading commercial construction companies. The Rochon difference lies in our ability to confidently and consistently interpret and deliver results as only a true builder can do.

At Rochon Corporation, we offer a complete line of pre-construction services, from early conceptual planning to actual management of the construction process. Our construction professionals focus on creating value and eliminating waste at every step of our delivery process in order to save you money and time.


Rochon Corporation recognizes and is fully committed to achieving our client’s completion dates. The initial and critical steps Rochon will take to ensure this completion date are:

Rochon’s schedules are reflective of the actual scope of work. The schedules are not generic and take into account the specific activities required by the construction documents. Our schedule includes the necessary accommodations for the client’s separate vendors including the low-voltage cabling vendor, the security system vendor and the systems furniture vendor. These vendors will be included in our field progress meetings and coordination correspondence to ensure a well-planned project.

In order to achieve our schedules, the critical or long-lead materials will be identified and tracked aggressively for delivery. We will recommend meetings to review submittals with the appropriate vendors and the architect in order to expedite the release process, determine field measurements in advance to the extent possible, and early release of critical trades.

Cost Control

Rochon is superior in the industry in its cost control management of the project. The proposal we submit to you will be reflective of the drawings and will be the most responsible offer in order to ensure that our client is purchasing what is specified and that it will be built on time.

  • Rochon thoroughly reviews change order pricing for additional work. We manage the process as if it is our own budget.
  • Rochon proactively suggests cost-effective solutions to issues that arise during construction.
  • Rochon updates the budget at each weekly meeting.

Quality Control

Rochon is proud of the high level of quality we are known to deliver. Our quality control efforts begin in the office during the bid process. Our schedules are built in the proper sequence which means that the subcontractors are working in an environment that is ready and suitable for their trade. How the project is built dictates the level of quality at completion. The critical activities we implement to ensure quality are:

  • Purchasing subcontracts in accordance with the specifications
  • Detailed in-house review of shop drawings and submittal data
  • Shop drawings are issued to affected subcontractors or reviewed in the field
  • Hold subcontractors accountable for their obligations in terms of quality
  • Frequent site walk-throughs by multiple team members to verify quality

Project Completion

Rochon distinguishes itself from competitors in our approach to project completion. Project completion does not simply mean the client has taken occupancy of their space. It also means:

  • Punchlist is 100% complete and verified by a Rochon team member.
  • Air balance is complete and all issues resolved and corrected
  • Operation and Maintenance Manuals & Warranties are submitted and approved
  • All financial items are closed & Final Billing is submitted

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